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EVC Accelerators

What are EVC Accelerators?

The EVC Accelerators, located in Cleveland (USA) and Gurgaon (India), are physical and virtual co-work spaces in which entrepreneurs build disruptive enterprise software, internet and mobile startup ideas into successful companies. The EVC Accelerators are on a constant look-out for start-ups serving education market across segments including enrollment, retention and advancement.

EVC operates accelerators in the following locations:

  • EVC Accelerator - Gurgaon, India
  • EVC Virtual Accelerator
  • EVC Accelerator - Cleveland, USA

Do I Need To Be Located In a Physical EVC Accelerator To Be Accelerated By EVC and/or Get Funding From EVC?

No. However we will prioritize accelerating and funding companies that are co-located in in EVC’s accelerators due to the opportunity for intensive face-to-face mentoring.

Eligibility & Application

What type of companies are you looking for?

We prefer start-ups that focus on:
  • Education
  • Mobile Apps
  • Enterprise Software
  • Wearables
  • IoT

How Do I Apply To Be A EVC Accelerated Company?

  • In order to apply to EVC Accelerators please fill out an application.
  • Applications for acceleration are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis.
  • Your application will be reviewed within 2 weeks of its submission.
  • If we are interested in accelerating your idea, we will invite you to a face-to-face interview.
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"EVC assembled a large, diverse, experienced set of mentors that would be invaluable to any start-up looking to succeed in the mobile apps space. That outstanding network of mentors began opening doors for us immediately." 

– Ash Bard, CEO & Co-Founder
Kryptos Mobile